George Ellis  OSM Therapist, Therapeutic Masseur, Sports Therapist, Manipulative Therapist, Musicians and Performers Therapist, and Personal Trainer:

HLSMT - Holy Lodge School of Manipulative Therapy, (Acton, London).
ASTM - Allied School of Therapeutic Massage, (Bristol).
AOSM - Academy of On-Site Massage.
AAAI - American Aerobic Association International.
YMCA - YMCA Central London.
RSA - Royal Society of Arts.
  APNT - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.

My background includes:

Junior gymnast, rugby player, footballer (Goalkeeper), musician, static trapeze artist, personal trainer and new physical therapist.

All this experience gives me a good understanding of the causes and effects of injuries, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Coming from a sports/physical background, trainer and therapsit, the best advice I can give is to prepare yourself thoroughly for the activity you are about to take on. In sports and performance (dancing, etc.), most professionals and even amateurs realise how essential it is to warm up and stretch the major muscle groups. But for computer users and musicians, for instance, it is just as important to warm up and stretch the hands/fingers and wrists ­ an area that is largely neglected. Take it from me, someone who earns his living from his hands/body. It is very important for me to warm up and stretch my hands as I'm as prone as anyone else to RSI and other injuries. Also, I look after my posture when I'm working, and so should you, as prevention is also easier than treatment.